Salon Tempe - Why is Alterna Products right for you?


ALTERNA The Science of Skincare for Hair™

Alterna sets the industry standard by using the highest quality ingredients with the latest technologies regardless of cost.

Why is ALTERNA products right for me?

Alterna’s unique haircare formulations not only improve the look and feel of hair, but result in superior keratin production necessary for stronger, healthier growing hair. We believe sulfate free formulas including Color Hold® and UVA/UVB protection are the basic foundation to quality hair care, not the solution. We go one step further by adding advanced technologies, such as our Enzymetherapy® Complex, Caviar Age-Control Complex®, our proprietary LIFE Blend or TEN Complex along with high end skin care ingredients to target specific needs. The result is truly revitalized and healthy hair… immediately and for years to come.

Tempe Hair Salon  




Grace >>

"Kim was amazing! She made me feel like a million bucks with my luscious blonde locks!"

I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with my visit today. This was my third time at Flirt and was the best by far! Kim was amazing! She made me feel like a million bucks with my luscious blonde locks. She was funny, kind, gave a great scalp and hand massage, and made my hair color just right for my upcoming wedding. I will be back and will definitely recommend her to everyone! Thanks Flirt and Kim!

Carol Smith >>

Yani has been styling and coloring my hair for at least five years. I live in California and it hasn’t always been easy for me to travel to Tempe, but it is always well worth the trip.

I have learned to never question Yani’s judgment regarding the color or style direction she takes my hair. She approaches my hair as an artist contemplating a block of marble to be sculpted and I am never disappointed. With so many other stylists my hair has looked great until I have had to style it myself. With Yani I have complete confidence that if I follow her instructions I can make my hair look great myself. And it does look great - Every day. I know this because people tell me so. Yani takes her job very seriously and does not let me leave her chair until we are both completely satisfied with the result. The time and care she takes with color and styling makes me feel like royalty. She stays completely focused and I have never ever felt as though I was just another client to her.


Susan Vasquez >>

"Yani has been doing my hair for more years than I can remember."

She is the only stylist I’ve known who cherishes her scissors as she would a valuable gem which is indicative of how serious she is about styling hair. She is a true professional and a remarkable hair stylist.


Stacy Moore >>

"Yani is the best stylist I have ever been to. "

"My hair can be difficult- it’s incredibly thin, takes a long time to grow, the ends break off really easily and it doesn’t react normally to color. However, Yani makes my hair look awesome. She’s able to do chunky, contrasting color so well which is what I really like. Everyone else I’ve been to has always had a hard time with the ‘chunky color’ look and my hair ends up looking blended. Yani takes her time and I have her undivided attention. I trust her completely and am able to tell her how I envision the end result- she always exceeds my expectations!

I remember the first time she did my hair back in early 2006. I left her salon in shock because my hair looked so good. I even called her the next day just to gush over how incredible it was. I’d never seen my hair look and feel so good and I was so happy I felt like crying! I went to Yani for about a year and a half before she went on maternity leave. That time while she wasn't working was so hard for me. I had to go to another stylist- and while I’m sure this other hairdresser had the best intentions, my hair did not like her work.

I went back to Yani as soon as she returned from maternity leave and my hair now looks a million times better. I’m convinced it would be at least 6 inches longer right now if she hadn’t gone on maternity leave. I get a ton of compliments on my hair. I’ve referred my friends to her and they love her work as well! Yani is a perfectionist and always does such a phenomenal job.

Previously when I was going to other hairdressers I would always sit in the chair nervously examining everything the stylist was doing for fear of them wrecking my hair- with Yani I can sit back and relax! She is well worth the money. If I want something done and she doesn’t think it would look good, she will tell me which is so refreshing. I can trust her- she always gets the colors right and my hair looks better than I ever thought it could. If I ever move out of AZ I’m going to have to come back just to have my hair done by Yani!


Shelley Rodrigo >>

"I found Yani when we were both in school, me in grad school with a non-existent budget and her at Carson's hair academy."

"I had been searching for someone to do something "wild" with my hair; at that point in time I just wanted people to do "chunky" color and no one wanted to (this was when everyone wanted a "natural blended" look). I saw Yani with her chunks of red and blonde in her hair and insisted on having her color my hair. I've never looked back! Although Yani now charges a little bit more for a multi-layered color and cut (thankfully I now have a full time job to help pay for it), I still come back.

One of the roughest periods of my personal life was when Yani took time off at the end of her pregnancy and to spend some time with her new born son. Ugh…I hated going to other stylists and was extremely thankful when she called to say she was taking appointments again. What I love most about getting my hair done with Yani is that I don't have to be a hair stylist to tell her what I want. I can explain my vision and let her go. For example, when she was out with her baby, I was struggling to get someone to get the correct colors I wanted. Yani came back and not only got the correct colors (without me asking, I had given up), but also completed the whole mass of dying with 3 different colors in a shorter period of time. I greatly appreciate that Yani takes responsibility for my hair. I may want to do things like get funky colors and want my hair permanently straightened, however, she only allows me to do what my hair can handle.In other words, if my hair can't handle it, she won't do it. So I've had to wait a year or so to get purple in my hair because she kept doing research to find a purple dye that wouldn't fade in under two weeks. I still remember the appointment just after she attended a hair show and she was so excited about a hair straightening procedure that she thinks might not be as problematic to my hair that is already excessively colored. However, she is still doing research and I patiently wait…I'd much rather wait then have my hair fall out!

Ultimately, I think Yani's product, my hair, speaks for itself. I always get lots of comments the day I get my hair done and people always ask about who does my color. I completely understand why Yani rarely has to advertise her services and instead has built a large cliental based on referrals. Don't think of this testimonial as a "plug" for Yani, think of this testimonial as a referral from a good friend. "


Levi >>

The first time I went to Flirt Salon I was very apprehensive. Being a young male I felt out of place, but when I walked in the doors I was greeted by only smiles.

The owner was very friendly and my stylist, Ariana, was great. I have very dark hair and I wanted something totally different. Ariana helped me with the whole process as she bleached my hair white. I was very pleased with the completed look. I have been going back to Flirt and Ariana to have my hair cut and colored for the past 4 months now. With Ariana's care, my hair has retained it's health and integrity throughout the many bleaching and touch ups. Ariana's caring and friendly nature along with her professionalism has given me a huge boost in my self image that I never had before. My hair looks great and I feel great with the way it is. I have Ariana to thank for that. She has a customer for life. She's the best.


Kylie >>

Flirt is the absolute best, especially Nikki! She's been doing my hair for a few months now and I've never had a better stylist.

I've always been really really picky and sensitive about my hair (seriously, the last five times I got a haircut or even just a trim, before I started going to Flirt and seeing Nikki, I left crying) but every time I leave Flirt I'm happy with the results. Nikki is excellent, she always takes the time to really listen to what you want and uses the right techniques to make your hair look its best. She took my hair from dark brown to blonde with minimal damage and recommended some great products that have restored the health and shine. Not to mention she's very friendly and provides excellent service to her clients! I know when I go to see her I have nothing to worry about and I will never see another stylist ever again. The salon itself is fantastic. It has a great atmosphere, good music, and the entire staff is super friendly and helpful. I would recommend Flirt Salon (and Nikki!) to everyone!


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