Shining the Spotlight on Flirt Salon Tempe

Shining the Spotlight on Flirt Salon Tempe


For Yani Kulow, it is as important to give clients great service as it is to give them an exceptional salon experience.

HAIR SALONS MAY COME AND GO, but every once in a while, a truly unique salon opens in the valley and creates quite a buzz. Flirt Salon is that salon. Great care went in to every decision that culminated
in the opening of the business.

Owner Yani Kulow is the creative director who is at the helm of one of the coolest, cutting-edge salons in the valley. Kulow is a Czechoslovakian-born model who also holds a degree in environmental
chemistry. Early in her career, she worked with Lancome, advancing her way to the position of regional makeup artist. She was also with Rolf’s, providing makeup expertise and appearing on ‘Good Morning Arizona’ numerous times. An alumnus of Carsten Institute, Kulow soon realized she wanted to share her special brand of beauty vision with her clientele in her own salon. Her love of art, hair, makeup and fashion are now evident throughout FlirtSalon and the story of the name itself is as defining as the owner and her team.

The name ‘Flirt’ came about when Kulow was faced with the task of finding a name for her new salon that conveyed that special “it” quality. An admirer of Czech artist Alfons Mucha, Kulow loved his technique in combining the beauty of flowing hair and budding romance completed in an art-deco style. She discovered that Mucha had orchestrated a painting called “Flirt” that depicted the beautiful and romantic qualities that Kulow was searching for in a salon name.

Discovering a salon location in Tempe, Flirt flew into a flurry of remodeling. Building on a catchy name, Kulow incorporated elegant features, including massive, ornate mirrors that were part of her
childhood memories. “Living in Europe, you visited castles with your parents,” Kulow explained. Castles always had grand mirrors and that is where the salon owner saw herself as a young child. “I envisioned
queens! I thought, ‘How cool would it be to sit there and have someone do my hair and makeup?’” she recounted.

That pampering vision made its way to Flirt Salon, coupled with a unique
approach to customer care. The salon also incorporates unique art and jewelry (that are also for sale) and serve as a stylistic component in the salon.

For Yani Kulow, it is as important to give clients great service as it is to give them an exceptional salon experience. She explained the five distinct messages of service conveyed to clientele. “We are professional. We care. We listen. We can be trusted. We have time for you,” Kulow explained.

She understands that customers have a choice when seeking an upscale salon and she offers complimentary, value-added services that are the “icing-on-the-cake.” With each hair service, clients receive a lavender scalp massage, a hot towel treatment and a lavender hand
massage. “People today need more than a hair cut and color,” she said of Flirt’s bonus treatments. “Why don’t we offer something a little more for our clients?”

At Flirt Salon, there is much more to love beyond the exceptional hair care services. In addition to haircuts and color, other hair services include extensions, hair glossing, corrective color and toner. Waxing services run the gamut from eyebrow tinting, shaping and design, to facial, leg and Brazilian waxing. Make-up application and threading are also available. The peaceful treatment room at salon is a quiet respite from the rest of the world where various techniques of massage are offered. As a fully-licensed massage establishment, clients can choose from Swedish, Therapeutic, Sports, Reflexology or Cranial-Sacral massage.

Inside every great salon is a dedicated team of stylists and aestheticians and Yani Kulow has assembled an elite team that helps her in carrying out the five credos at Flirt. Ariana Thiem is the Salon Manager, an Advanced Stylist, Director of Skin Care Therapy and Waxing Specialist. Jan Gdovic is the Director of Massage Services and
licensed massage therapist. Katie Lawson, hair designer and color specialist, Jessica Divis, hair artist, Nancy Heroabadi advanced stylist and threading specialist and receptionist, Gabi Smoudi round out the team.

Men’s services are exceptional here and there is a quite a following. “Guys seem to embrace the part where they get pampered,” Kulow noted. “My male clients are extremely loyal!” Male clients that frequent Flirt Salon can count on exceptional hair care in an attentive setting
that focuses on quality. “Everything we do at Flirt, I stand behind,” explained Kulow.

While waiting in the salon, I observed a customer leaving after Yani Kulow had cut her hair. The shoulder length blunt cut was beyond perfect. In fact, it looked like a work of art, with every hair falling perfectly in place, a gorgeous symmetry, sleek lines and a beautiful shine. Flirt Salon has definitely arrived.

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